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PalmaDog started with this basket 2016 and were the first to design and produce inhouse this original and very Mallorcan basket for dogs.


Model reinforced

In this case we have added more material to the top of the basket, offering a more reinforced and dressed appearance.

Palmadog basket - Classic grey

VAT Included
  • All baskets are made by hand, so measurements are approximate and variations may occur.

    If you need another size, please, ask us by e-mail and we will try to find an option for you.

    Size 1.  For a dog up to, more or less, 3,5 kg, 

    Bottom cushion 25 x 18 cm 

    Size 2.  For a dog up to, more or less, 6 kg*

    Bottom cushion 32 x 20 cm

    Size 3.  For a dog up to, more or less, 9-10 kg* 

    Bottom cushion 50 x 35 cm 

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