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PalmaDog flagship store in Palma de Mallorca is a multi brand lifestyle store for dogs. In our webshop we only carry a small selection, mostly our own locally produced products.


But if you see anything on Instagram or facebook that you like please don't hesitate to get in contact and we will help you.

We carry many of the coolest brands there is. We have 4 criteria that we ask the different brands of the production country of their product, It has to be from a - Democratic country with human rights, animal rights and with a commitment to nature.


If not were don't select that product to be present in our store. We only take the best and the most forward thinking brands that not only think of their own but also see the bigger picture.

About the owner:

My name is Ulf Bernström, I come from a small village in Lapland, Sweden. I've live on Mallorca since 2002.

I have 3 dogs myself that are with me in the store every day.


We opened in February 2015.


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