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The history of Palmadog Wifi Bed

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

Wifi on Palmadog Wifi bed - Velvet grey model

From the pandemic of COVID-19, imaginaron and creativity took center stage creating a warm, fluffy and cozy bed: The Wifi-Palmadog bed model, all dogs love and choose it!

Next, Ulf tells us what was the reason why he created this bed design:

'' Wifi is a daschund dog breed who always want snuggle next to me. Every night he would sneak up on my bed to sleep together, but then my second and third dog arrived then it got very crowded... So I needed offer something better than my bed and I was design this super soft, fluffy and cozy bed and... It worked! Since then he has been sleeping in his own bed and we all sleep better" Ulf Bernstrom.

Currently, Ulf makes the Wifi bed by hand in the studio of the Palmadog store by order. You can see their collection in the physical and virtual store or order yours personalized.

Jin on Palmadog Wifi bed - Beig Spanish fabric

This model is madre in all possible sizes and to all types of dogs, from the miniature design to very small and small dog breeds like Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier to large sizes such as Labrador Retriever and very large breeds for example Great Dane.

In addition, the designs adapts to your requirement, preferences and style, we can offer a range of colors that combine with your furniture design. We use a Spanish and/or local fabrics: resistant, high quality and proximity.

Ask us without obligation and we will advise you on size, measurements, fabrics and designs!

Take a look at our collection of beds, if you need something different fabrics, ask us! We can create it:

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