Wild Iceland Fish Oil is a premium Fish Oil for Pet Food. Mild tasting herring fish oil: herring, mackerel and capelin oil fishes.


The Silver of the Sea

In the year 1903 Icelandic fisherman discovered the rich schools of herring in the seas around the island. In 1911 modern fish oil production started and fishermen flocked out and returned with their ships full of this newfound treasure named 'Silver of the Sea'. Later on, the health benefits of the herring-rich Icelandic diet was discovered for dogs and cats.


Product from Iceland, Fiskolia brand.

Wild Iceland Fish Oil - FISKOLIA

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  • Nowadays, the responsibly controlled herring fisheries play a big role to maintain employment and residence in the rural fishing villages around Iceland.

    FISKOLÍA products are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified for international recognition of a sustainable approach to preserving a natural balance in the sea environment.