This bed was made for one of the housedogs - Wifi, hence the name. We make it ourselves here in the palmadog studio under the shop.


Wifi is a teckel that wants to snuggle up close. He always sneaked up in my bed at night, but then I got my second and third dog so it became crowded.


So i needed to offer something better than my bed so i made this super soft, fluffy and cosy bed for him and it works. From now on he sleeps in his own bed and we all have a better nights sleep. 


In this case the fabric is feflon and multicolour design.


This bed we when you order it. Calculate 2 weeks deliver aproximately 


Palmadog Bed - Wifi - multicolor

  • Made by a Spanish teflon fabric that can be used outdoor.

    The filling is EcoFilling, recycled pet bottles.