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This bed was made for one of the housedogs - Wifi, hence the name.

We make it ourselves here in the palmadog studio under the shop.


Wifi is a teckel that wants to snuggle up close. He always sneaked up in my bed at night, but then I got my second and third dog it became crowded. So i needed to offer something better than my bed so i made this super soft, fluffy and cosy bed for him and it works. From now on he sleeps in his own bed and we all have a better nights sleep. 


In this case we use a natural cotton and you can choose four types of finish: blue stripe, red stripe, beig stripe or natural without stripe.


This bed we make when you order it. Calculate 2 weeks deliver aproximately.


W stands for Wifi = the model name and the numer behind is number of side cushions that afect the diameter. The side cushions are aprox 30 cm hight, this makes the bed higher that "normal" dogbeds. But my 4 kg teckel girl have no problem getting into her bed. 


To find the rights size send a mail and we help you. But a suggestion is to measure the back of your dog from collar to where the tail starts. The diameter of the bed should allow the back of your dog to lay flat. 


W7, up til 7 kg dog aprox. Teckel, Jack Russell

W8, around 7-10 kg dog, inside diameter aprox 55 cm, Jack russel, spaniel, 

W9, arond 20 kg dog

W10, Labrador

W11, Labrador

PalmaDog Bed - Wifi - Stripe

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  • Cotton 93%, poliester 7%, Fabric is made in Spain

    the inside cushions are covered in 100 cotton

    The filling of the is called ECO filling and made from recucled pet bottles