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Do you want your own bed back? We can help you fix that. 


Wifi is my teckel that wants to snuggle up close. Wifi, hence the name of the bed.

He always sneaked up in my bed at night, but then I got my second and then my third dog and it became crowded. So i needed to offer them something better than my bed. So i made this super soft, fluffy and cosy bed for Wifi and it works. From now on he sleeps in his own bed and we all have a better nights sleep. 


We make it ourselves here in the PalmaDog workshop (under the store).


In this case the fabric is feflon with multicolour stripes.


This bed we make when you order it. Calculate 2-3 weeks deliver aproximately. But dont hesitate, we work hard to also have them in stock. 


W stands for Wifi = the model name and the numer behind is number of side cushions that afect the diameter. The side cushions are aprox 30 cm hight, this makes the bed higher that "normal" dogbeds, But also much more comfportable than a "normal" dogbed. My second smaller teckel girl of have no problem getting into her bed. If your dog can jump the your sofa this bed will be no match. 


To find the rights size send a mail and we help you. But a suggestion is to measure the back of your dog from collar to where the tail starts. The diameter of the bed should allow the back of your dog to lay flat. 


W6 mini dogs, less 6 kg. Chihuahua.

W7, up til 7 kg dog aprox. Daschund.

W8, around 7-10 kg dog, inside diameter aprox 55 cm, Terriers.

W9, around 20 kg dog, Spaniels.

W10, around 30 kg dog, Retrievers.

W11, more of 30 kg dog, St. Bernard.

Palmadog Bed - Wifi - multicolor

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