This Iron divan is made here on Mallorca. We made the design and we produced it here with local colaborations.


The metal structure is manufactured in the town of Esporles, near of Valldemossa, and we do the rest in our workshop in the Palmadog store. We have 2 colors of the metal, one is iron black and the other is oxidiced red/brown. The images show the bed with metal iron.


The fabric is Spanish fabric, teflon material and the cushions we do it in Palmadog store. The cushions can be easily attached and removed with a velcro system.


 Unique design and handmade product. In this case we use a multicolour design.


If you want any other size or color of the fabric let us know and we will look into it.  


This bed we when you order it. Sizes and measurements to consult.

Palmadog Bed - Iron Divan multicolour

VAT Included
  • Fabric - Spanish teflon.