Palmadog store has been the first to design a unique, original and very Mallorcan basket for dogs.


We make the totally personalized basket for dogs in the store. For us, quality, design and functionality are the main objectives.


We use national materials and we take care of every detail in production. 


This basket we when you order it. Calculate 2 weeks deliver aproximately.



for heavier dogs than 6 kg this is not meant as a carrybag, more as a travel bed, or safe zone when out and about. The baskets are strong but still made of natural fibre that has a limited strenght. 


Keep an eye of your dog and make sure the handles are outside of the basket when left on the floor so that the dog dont gest stuck moving around. 


Palmadog basket

    • Size 1 for a dog up to, more or less, 3,5 kg 

                     Bottom cushion 30 x 23 aprox, 26 cm high

    • size 2 for a dog up to, more or less, 6 kg  

                     Bottom cushion 39 x 23 aprox, 32 cm high

    • size 3 for a dog up to, mopre or less 10 kg

                     Bottom cushion 50 x 32 aprox, 35 cm high

    If you need another size, please, ask us by e-mail and we will try to find an option for you.