Keep your dog identified at all times, put his name and phone number on the collar or harness with a tag.


We have two basics models of nametags for dogs: circular or oval and two sizes. Handmade in Palma city, Mallorca.


Write a comment on the purchase of the product with the information you want to engrave on the plate and we do it! *Remember to specify if you want all the information on one side or separated on two*

Nametag for dog

VAT Included
  • Oval model:

    - One size 3x2cm

    - Plastic material.

    - Colour of the material: black with white words or white with black words.


    Circular model: 

    - Big: 3cm.

    - Small: 2cm.

    - Plastic or metal. 

    - Color of the material: black with white words or white with black words.