The stone collar for dogs from the Mà Canudas brand is an exclusive product for Palmadog.


Mà Canudas is a Mallorcan brand specialized in bracelets and necklaces for people with colored stones and leather.


The leather used is national and the production is handmade on the island of Mallorca.


You can choose the metal button closure of the neck, there are two options: gold or silver.


Combine a macanudas collar with your dog's regular collar or use it together with a harness.


The macanudas necklace is designed to offer a point of color and is totally decorative.

The collar is thinking only for ahow beauty, please, don't use with leash for walk.


This collar we when you order it.

Calculate 1 week maximum deliver aproximately.

Mà Canudas - Dog stone collar

  • How to take the correct measurement

    The size of the Mà Canudas collars should be taken from your dog's usual collar.

    Open the usual collar, take a meter and measure from the closure to the hole that your dog uses the most.

    The measurement must include the closure of your usual necklace.

    If you are in doubt between two sizes, we recommend taking a higher size or ask us.

    There are two sizes of stones

    The necklaces in the photos are made of small stones but they can be made in the same colors in large stone. Except for the last photo of the dachshund with a blue Macanudas collar and a red leather collar.

    You can tell us when paying which one you prefer: small or large size stone by leaving a comment for us.

    If you prefer big stone balls, please, when you pay, you can write a message to us with "big stones" and we know. We have the next colours in big format: green, orange, blue and yellow, at the moment we don't have pink in big stone size.

  • Mà Canudas collar is resistant to water and salt, it is prepared for the sea.

    Although we recommend cleaning it with soap and fresh water if you see it very dirty.

    Please, do not put in the washing machine, wash by hand and let it dry at room temperature.