A super bag for travel perfect for plane as it is soft and fits under any seat. Japanese brand, high quality and the best materials.


Large size works for most airlines. Bare in mind that most airlines say that the dog has to be able to stand in the bag and turn around. Therefor I would suggest to go up in size if you can for flying.


I have a jack russel of 7 kg, he uses size large, I also have a teckel of 5,5 kg, he also uses the large size,  then i have a teckel of 4,2 kg and she uses size medium.


  • A weather-resistant tarpaulin carry bag with a full length mesh zip-top for maximum airflow.
  • Features open pocketed sides 
  • Removable base plate.
  • Material can be wiped down for easy-care.

Black Square Tote Tarpaulin Carry Bag

VAT Included
Colour: Black
  •   Length Hight With Weight Weight dog
    S 35cm 24cm 17cm 700G 3kg
    M 40cm 29cm 20cm 850g 6kg
    L 45cm 33cm 23cm 1050g 9kg
    LL 53cm 35cm 25cm 1400G 12kg





    Front: 100% polyester

    Mesh: 100% nylon

    • Material can be wiped down for easy-care.
    • This product is recommended for wet and rainy weather conditions or cold weather conditions.
    • Please note that due to the nature of the tarpaulin material, the interior of the bag may get hot in extreme heat conditions or in direct sunlight - we advise caution when transporting a pet.